Do you feel stuck in a job or career that no longer lights you up?
You have a calling to do something more meaningful but yet, just you do not see how you can earn money from your passion, enough to live the life you love
Welcome to Phoenix Transformation with Bryanna Black, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

The Journey to Making Money

Doing What You Love Starts Now.

The Phoenix Transformation Mastermind is one of the world’s best masterminds to unlock the success secrets for aspiring and established Service Based Entrepreneurs and business owners to finally:

Feel powerful, confident, and unstoppable at achieving success and being prosperous in doing what you love.

Bryanna’s Mission:

Turn your annual income into your monthly income doing what you love to do and having the freedom to enjoy life and actually start living. Working with Bob Proctor, who is considered one of the world’s greatest authorities on attracting wealth! (YES this is actually achievable). 

 You Want Real Results- This is How!!

For the next six months, you are going to be fully supported by Bryanna Black. Also, you will be going through one of Bob Proctors most successful program’s, Thinking Into Results, which we feel is one of the most powerful blends on the market today for transformation and finally receiving the prosperity you desire.

It’s time to turn your annual income into your monthly income so you can create the realm you desire to live in.  

Bryanna is a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and a Transformational Business Coach, who uses her tools to help you reach your 6 figure goal with strategy, spirituality and introspection.

Bryanna is like your Prosperity Angel, and she is on a mission…

She guides aspiring and established service based entrepreneurs and business owners to see and unleash their true power within to live a life they love with freedom, wealth, and pure joy. She always had a natural ability to guide and support others in advancing in their true passion-based businesses. She has been doing this for years and everyone who works with her always made the shifts to allow prosperity to flow from working their passion.

It’s her passion in life to see others rise from the darkness to achieving freedom because she knows the pain of that darkness. She has had numerous failed relationships, raised 6 children on her own, and used to have so much low self-worth that made it seem impossible to advance in her career. For years she struggled to achieve her dreams because she felt unworthy, not good enough, and allowed fear to hold her back. She never thought her real life and dream life would meet, but it did and now your dreams can come into your reality too.

Her knowledge and experience are backed by countless business and coaching programs and mentoring. Then also joined Bob Proctor’s “Thinking into Results” consulting program.

“Seriously!! This will be like shoving a rocket up your a$$ taking you to a whole other level. Getting results in months instead of years!!!” – Bryanna Black

YOU were always intended to come into this life to live a rich and abundant. To live a life filled with pure joy, passion, and magic. A life you would actually love and adore. Honestly, your life was not meant to be so hard and for your dreams to be lacking.

We can help you no matter if:

You’ve tried multiple self-help books, courses, workshops, and mentors yet still find yourself stuck.

If you still feel like you are blocked, that’s okay. YOU will rise and it will seem you have been reborn with a whole new perspective on life.

Now is your time.

Your new life starts today!!!

How Will The 6 Month Phoenix Transformation Mastermind Help You Transform?

Become the master of your own life by establishing the harmony between the Universal Laws, the power of your mind and spiritual development. You will have a strong and successful mindset to help you create your goals to reality and visions for the future. 

Clear lifetimes of old programming and feel deeper connected to your higher self and intuition. We’re going to have DNA activations to help you heal your heart, body, mind, and soul on a spiritual level from this lifetime and seven generations before and after you. 

Discover your uniqueness and the best way for you to simply launch/uplevel your business. Bryanna tune into your energy and vibration to foresee what business model will work best for you, how you will be able to grow your income with the passion for what you love. 

Your business will not only be passion-based, but it will be SIMPLIFIED. We want you to live your life to the fullest and therefore refuse to show you how to make money without showing you how to do it with ease. We will help you set up the systems you need in place so you can work less while you earn. As well as help you learn what you need to run a global business ie website, SEO, visibility, product development, etc. 

You will be fully supported on all levels. It’s going to feel like we’re your lifelong business partners instead of just your mentors. Walking through the process, holding sacred space for you, keeping you accountable, and showing you the way. We not only believe in you, but we are committed to you as much as you are committed to yourself.

Do you want to grab a complimentary breakthrough session to find out more?

Your Phoenix Transformation Journey Looks Like This:

Working with Bryanna

You’re going on the journey learning methods from some of the best minds on our planet of this time, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, which is facilitated and supported by Bryanna Black with “Thinking Into Results.”  This program has been tested time and time again and is one that truly gets you set up to massively receive; no more playing small. Through this time you will set up the true foundations, achieving quantum leaps, that bring you LASTING success and prosperity.

Bryanna has had some of the biggest paradigm and blocks to overcome, she knows what it takes to do this and certainly knows that you can no matter what!

As you lift your awareness this is where the ways how are shown to you and we have got your back to implement and action those ideas so you start generating the income immediately.

For the full details of Thinking Into Results, you can find the information page over here…

The Phoenix Has Risen….

Doing What You Love…SHOW UP WITH A BANG

Show UP & Shine

This is where Bryanna wanted to bring in something extra.
Through her journey of studying with Bob Proctors materials and many others over 4 years, she has a passion for multiple sources and earning from what you love.
She knew that many times you get the inspiration and ideas and no clue how to action them. So we have included a program that will support you in setting up your business or revamping an old one so it is one in line with what you love!!!

Not only that, Bryanna is very much hands-on with support also.

On this six months journey, you will learn many things such as:

-> Creating the business and lifestyle you love

-> BONUS 1 – Building your very own premium packages and services where you get paid to do the work you love

-> Show Up With A Bang, branding and marketing and even the added support of having your very own website built for you!!! One that speaks to your community, to their heart and soul.

-> Being able to connect with your soul clients and customers. Who do you want to work with? You get to choose.

-> Systems Baby – What systems are needed for running an online business so you can have more flow in your work, working less, earning more.



-> “Let’s get visible, visible” Yes I’ve got the tune in my head. This is where we look to get you shining bright in front of those dream people and as the woman you want to be.

-> Systems Baby – What the heck do you need to run this show? We will walk you through some of the simplest systems and support you in setting them up. Where you will have more targeted clients and customers saving you time and money.

-> Social media BIG BANG. We will be going through to check you have all of your social media set up and linking together to maximise shining in front of your clients and customers, Which ones are best for you and again how to gain followers and likes fast. This section is the largest section as there are many components and tools we guide you in using. We also use team support to have your business shining.

-> Actioning your multiple sources, prosperity tree. How you can use all we have set up for you to start building the income that can be generated while you sleep.

-> We work together to have you BOOKED up with clients/customers EVEN IF YOU HAVE ZERO OR SMALL LIST.


You’re invited to TAKE CONTROL NOW!

Get committed to taking the steps and making the change to achieve the life you love and have yearned for.

When You Join Phoenix Transformation Mastermind You Will Receive:

  • Full Support from Bryanna for the Next SIX Months
  • Private Group Sessions  Once Each Week
  • Private Sessions with Bryanna (amount depends on level of package)
  • Support Outside Sessions via Email, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Group
  • Full access to “Thinking into Results” program on the Proctor Gallagher website.
  • Unlimited access to the Phoenix Transformation Membership Site (updated regularly) 
  • Bonus Guest Mentors and Workshops Over Evergreen Courses, Facebook Ads that Convert, and Connecting to your soul client and more.
  • 20% off Discount to The Phoenix Transformation Retreats in The Calendar Year
  • Prompt Feedback and Interaction with Bryanna, and The Other Passionate and Talented Entrepreneurs on The Journey With You
  • Facebook (Group) Party’ (Exclusive Intimate FB Group Just for Us). 
  • Accountability Buddies to Help Kick You into Gear and Help You Stay on Track! (We have built a family, a true community where you really are cared for and supported).
  • Freedom to live life the way you choose. 
Note: The investment is expected to increase this December 2018. The best opportunity is always one presented today.