You’re sick and tired of the uphill struggle, searching for the answer as to how.
How to make the money doing what you love.

You have been wandering through life feeling a tad soul-less, feeling like you never break free and searching for what the heck is going wrong.

You have invested so much time, and possibly money into searching in ways how to make it work, reading the self-help books, watching the videos and yet you just keep moving at a snail’s pace. The money you want, the work you want not appearing fast enough or at all.

If you’ve ever dreamed of achieving freedom to do what you love, freedom to live life how you choose, and freedom to feel powerful, confident and in charge of your life, then you’re in the right place. 

Whether you’re:

  • A woman that has gone through immense pain in the past, the shadows keep arising and blocking the love flowing in your life, blocking your success and you hide from your dreams never allowing them to appear in the physical or bring the results desired.
  • Feeling like you’ve tried everything and still, it’s like banging your head on a brick wall. You feel you go round in circles, getting little to no results, constantly praying for direction or answers and just about had enough.
  • Has an idea of your purpose or passion, can see a way yet you still feel blocked, stuck… You want to just find that courage to honour your calling and bring your dreams to the physical.

Then my gorgeous soul sister…. You are in the right place!!!

My name is Bryanna Black

I am your Transformational Life & Business Enhancer, Proctor Gallagher Consultant and proud mother of 6 boys.

I guide female entrepreneurs, biz goddesses and those aspiring to be, just like you, See your true power within and unleash it to live a life you love. Doing what you love and being prosperous in doing so. Living a life with freedom, joy and power.

I’ve always had a natural ability to guide and support others in advancing in their true passion-based businesses. I had been doing it for years, even while keeping myself stuck and hidden. Anyone who works with me would always make the shifts and allow prosperity to flow.

It’s my passion in life to see others rise from the darkness to achieving freedom because I know the pain of that darkness. I had numerous failed relationships, left on my own with 6 children and so much low self-worth that really never advanced in my career, never thought I could have one. That all changed though… For years I struggled to achieve my dreams and passions because I felt unworthy, not good enough, allowing fear to hold me back.

From being a broken down single mother of 6 boys, to running her own empire and not for profit organisation I…

* Spent 10 years studying and working with Holistic and Natural Healing,

* Received diplomas and many certificates in a wide range of modalities including Spiritual Development, Energy Healing, Mindfulness Life Coaching.

* I’ve studied and worked with many teachers, one main one being Bob Proctor, to learn about the laws of the universe and teachings of our mind. Which is why I furthered my education and joined the ranks to b a Proctor Gallagher Consultant.

* I also spent some time studying I.M, web design and SEO. Through this, I got insight into the many ways you can earn extra income doing what you love and this is one of the ways spirit bring forth guidance for the women I work with.


I am the queen at finding the ways we can, I know what it takes to be in that complete fear mode, feeling frozen and stuck. If your searching for how you can achieve your dream, I can assure you I will help you say how you can. 


In order to figure out what really works and master my crafts I…

In order to master my craft, I went deeper with my studies by enrolling in an intensive year-long study with the Bob Proctor & the Gallagher Institute and then have moved up to join the ranks of being a Proctor & Gallagher certified consultant. I then studied and learned from Coaches on building an online presence and spent time studying website development and SEO. Through my time doing this I also learned internet marketing and from the collective, I was given insight on the many, MANY, ways we can add multiple sources of income to support us in having that financial freedom.  

I worked with many teachings, in local and nationwide groups, courses & workshops. Also studying Dr Wayne Dyer’s work and Abraham Hicks for spiritual development, working with Angels, Ascended masters and divine. I also feel it is very important to blend the personal, spiritual and business development as this is a key to your lasting success.

When you work with me, In short, you’ll experience a complete life transformation! I know it’s hard to imagine now….

  • You will finally see just what has been blocking you, stopping you and be in full control of your life and a master of your mind. You will learn that true innate power you have, see the truth and be empowered, confident and a bad ass prosperous business woman.
  • Discover that deeper connection to yourself, be able to unleash the woman you were always destined to be, see your power and feel free to use it. You will also have that deeper connection to your higher self, and be packed with the ability to see your own answers, hear your own guidance from within and from source.
  • You will have the ability to see the many ways that you can add extra income and with a clear action plan in place. Taking things step by step, bit by bit and be fully supported along the way through the process. Even the support in setting you up with branding, website, and social media presence. 

As a Transformational Life and Business Enhancer, I have seen and truly believe that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. You were given that dream for a reason, because you can achieve them. Start listening and taking action on the guidance your receiving.